Our commitment to this land is unwavering, as is our goal of making the best wine possible from Crown Point. As our vineyard grows, so will we, with a promise to showcase this special site through profound wines with true sense of place.

— Roger Bower, Proprietor

The Vineyard

Crown Point is nestled amongst the foothills of the Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara AVA, where the east-west running Santa Ynez mountain range intersects with the north-south San Rafael mountain range. The east-west traverse mountain range is a geographical anomaly in itself, and only one of a few in the world. The mountains that flank the valley channel the cool oceanic winds into the very warm Happy Canyon every evening, creating a fifty-degree swing between daytime high and nighttime low temperatures. These distinct climatic conditions, coupled with the vineyard’s south-facing orientation and its gravely loam soil studded with mineral-laden rocks, are all factors in what make Crown Point a profoundly unique place to grow Bordeaux grape varieties.

Crown Point is a 104-acre ranch, 50 acres of which are planted to vines, predominantly Bordeaux varieties.