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Crown Point Vineyards and the Three Winemakers

Flanked by two parallel east-west running mountain ranges, Proprietor Roger Bower, an entrepreneur and cattle rancher from Texas, believed Crown Point Vineyards provided the ideal growing conditions to cultivate a world-class vineyard in Santa Barbara, California. Topographically unique, the site reaches an apex of 930 feet, hovering over cascading southern facing slopes peppered with mineral-laden rocks and gravelly clay loam, providing the appropriate drainage. The northern running 3,500-foot-high San Rafael Mountains delivered the site's soil composition through eons of erosion. Climatically, the southern flanking Santa Ynez Mountain range acts as a barrier between the site and the Pacific Ocean, preserving the Mediterranean climate.

In 2012, Roger tactfully selected the best Cabernet clones worldwide, planting selections from the illustrious To Kalon Vineyard Clone 2 from Napa to Clone 8 that traces back to Chateau Margaux in Bordeaux. The viticulture elements were all aligned to fulfill Roger's unwavering vision of cultivating a world-class Cabernet-varietal vineyard. However, the site's appeal accomplished another unexpected result –intrigue from three preeminent vintners.


Captivated by the "potential to create extraordinary wines," acclaimed vigneron and geologist Philippe Melka represented the first leg of Roger's winemaking trio in 2017. "It's a special place that is blessed with distinct topography, climatic conditions, and soil types." Throughout Philippe's journeys, he connected with a young, well-traveled winemaker that shared his ethos, Simon Faury. From the beginning, Simon and Philippe shared the belief that great wines are made in the vineyard, and to achieve said prophecy, they must understand the site first - what makes a place unique and how does the climate interact with the soil and the vine to produce outstanding wines? Simply put, understand the terroir and its implications on the vine.

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These are the very questions Simon carried with himself throughout his travels across the globe. His French passport is packed with stamps from heralded winemaking countries - Italy, France, Australia, Argentina, and now California. His journey began in Barolo, Italy, where he studied Viticulture and Enology, securing his master's degree in Viticulture and Enology at the University of Bordeaux. Enamored by the site, Simon assumed the Crown Point winemaker role in 2019. Long before that, in 2012, Simon worked in Argentina with another wine pioneer, Michel Rolland. Convinced Crown Point was a diamond in the rough, Simon and Philippe wanted to work with the industry's regarded wine blender who's skillset would determine if the wines were, in fact, world-class.


"Philippe and I work closely to identify what works best for this place: from viticulture down to the corks we use, from the type of compost to the best barrels for each block; we do R&D all day. Then Michel comes and validates what we do; he compares our wines with the other great properties from Bordeaux, Tuscany, or Napa Valley. Our goal is to be amongst the best, and to do that, we spare no effort."

Ultimately, Crown Point Vineyards is the focal point that connected Roger, Philippe, Simon, and Michel. All four united in their belief that this site is unto itself, capable of producing consistently prestigious Santa Barbara wine that rivals the best Cabernet Sauvignon producers. In Roger's own words, "Our commitment to this land is unwavering, as is our goal of making the best wine possible from Crown Point. As our vineyard grows, so will we, with a promise to showcase this exceptional site through profound wines with a true sense of place."

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