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Crown Point Luxury Tasting Experiences

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Crown Point is a private estate & not open to the public, experiences are by appointment only. Please note, we are an adults-only (21+) winery.

  • Virtual Tasting Experience

    We invite you to dis­cov­er Crown Point through a vir­tu­al tast­ing expe­ri­ence. Through the Zoom video plat­form, we will share with you the his­to­ry of Crown Point fol­lowed by a tast­ing in the com­fort of your home. While we sip and swirl togeth­er you will learn about the vine­yards, win­ery, and wine­mak­ing team with an oppor­tu­ni­ty to pur­chase more of your favorite wines.

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    • Please allow one hour for this experience.
    • Vir­tu­al tast­ing will be host­ed through the Zoom video platform.
    • The Crown Point three-pack is exclu­sive­ly avail­able for our vir­tu­al tast­ing expe­ri­ences only.
    • Vir­tu­al tast­ings offered by appoint­ment only.
  • Discover Crown Point

    We invite you to a pri­vate­ly host­ed expe­ri­ence to dis­cov­er Crown Point Vine­yards, where we offer a unique tast­ing expe­ri­ence to share with our mem­bers and guests why our estate is an ide­al place for grow­ing Bor­deaux varieties.This pri­vate tour & tast­ing allows you to learn how Crown Point was found­ed, and share Roger Bower’s vision for this spe­cial prop­er­ty. The expe­ri­ence begins with a guid­ed tour through 50 acres of our stun­ning estate vineyards.Then, you will be escort­ed through the win­ery and bar­rel rooms fol­lowed by a seat­ed tast­ing of our estate wines paired with local arti­san cheeses. 

    Book a tasting
    • Please allow one and a half hours for this experience.
    • $95 per person. 
    • Our concierge will con­firm our avail­abil­i­ty with­in 24 hours of your request.
    • Pri­vate Tast­ings offered Mon­day — Fri­day by appoint­ment only.
  • The Art of Blending

    In addi­tion to the Dis­cov­er Crown Point expe­ri­ence, this unique expe­ri­ence will take you through a pri­vate jour­ney into the cel­lar where you will be giv­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty to taste through the bar­rels with our Wine­mak­er, Simon Fau­ry, and explore the indi­vid­ual com­po­nents that go into each of our wines. This is a rare oppor­tu­ni­ty to step into the role of wine­mak­er for a day, and expe­ri­ence first hand the ele­ments derived from each vin­tage, the vine­yard, and cellar. 

    Email Our Concierge
    • Please allow two hours for this experience.
    • $225 per person.
    • Our concierge will con­firm our avail­abil­i­ty with­in 24 hours of your request.
  • Past, Present, & Future

    Our most exclu­sive tast­ing com­bines the Dis­cov­er Crown Point expe­ri­ence with an unpar­al­leled oppor­tu­ni­ty into the explo­ration of the past, present, and future of Crown Point. This ele­vat­ed tast­ing includes pri­vate tast­ings of our extreme­ly lim­it­ed library selec­tions, cur­rent releas­es, as well as a guid­ed tour through our wines in bar­rel. Join Wine­mak­er, Simon Fau­ry, as he takes you through the evo­lu­tion of Crown Point with tast­ings of our most cov­et­ed releas­es. You will also be treat­ed to a pre­mier tast­ing, with an oppor­tu­ni­ty to pur­chase future selec­tions of our rarest, lim­it­ed reserve wines. 

    Email Our Concierge
    • Please allow two and a half hours for this experience.
    • $275 per person.
    • Our concierge will con­firm our avail­abil­i­ty with­in 24 hours of your request. 
    • Please reserve in advance, as this expe­ri­ence is lim­it­ed to six times a year.
  • Group Tastings

    We love to host spe­cial groups when­ev­er pos­si­ble and we are excit­ed about the oppor­tu­ni­ty to host you and your friends.

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